Fifth Place Youth PEEPles Choice.  "Peep AMC Theater" by Giuliana P.  ​Winner:  The Hegedorns Market Sponsors Choice Award. 

PRIZE - AMC Webster 12

movie tickets.

Second Place Youth PEEPles Choice.  "Hopping with the Peeps" by Lily B and Grammy.  ​Winner: 

The Juliano Family Dental  Award for Best Youth PEEP.  PRIZE - Yolickity Gift Card

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Second Place Adult PEEPles Choice.  "The Nutcracker, “Sgt. Peeper”!" by Denise Baller "Dancing with Denise".  ​Winner:  The Edward Jones Rich Marlin Financial Advisor  Sponsors' Choice Award.  PRIZE - PEEPS Show T-Shirt & Mark's Pizza


 1. The Village @ Unity- Lindsay Lown
 2. The Nutcracker, Sgt. Peeper - Dancing with Denise
 3. March of the Penguins - Rita Menaldino
 4. The Peep Pirate Attack - Venture Crew 7
 5. Oh No! Mold! - Linnea Muller

 6. Horses Are Magic - Heritage Christian Stables

 7. Cirque de Guimauve - Beyond Cuts Salon
 8. Peep Penitentiary - Tom Hasek

 9.(tie) Peeps of a Feather - Exotic Pet Birds, Inc
 9.(tie) Stranger Things - Finger Lakes Fed. Credit Union
11. The Great Peep Heist -  Mary Leach
12. Disco Peep - Maplewood Nursing Home

13. Easter Island - Sarah Reynolds
14. Lollypop Farm 150th Anniversary - Girl Scout Troop

15. West Herr Peep Mobile - West Herr Ford of Webster
16. Library of Peeps - Webster Schroeder Library Club
17. LemonPeep Stand (Concessions stand) - Laura

      Rivera, Heritage Christian Services
18. Superheroes R' Us - Webster Schroeder Rotary

19. Bella's Bumbas - Bella's Bumbas, Rebecca Parzynski
20.(tie) Scrambled PEEPS - Kayla Smithers
20.(tie) Peep Aquarium - Webster Public Library

Click on Sponsor logos below to go to their web sites.

Did you play WEBSTER COMMUNITY CHEST'S  "Magnum Peep.I. Gets a CLUE" game?  By visitor vote, Mr. Green-jeans has been indicted for the murder of Mr. Boddy.  He did it because Mr. Boddy tore up his fine gardens to put in a swim pool.  Winner: The West Herr Ford Best Automotive Award.

Fourth Place Youth PEEPles Choice.  "Peeps in Space" by Samantha F.  ​Winner:  The Maplewood Nursing HomeSponsors Choice Award. 

PRIZE - AMC Webster 12

movie tickets.


 1. Advice from the Coral Reef - GS Troop 60617
 2. Hopping with the Peeps - Lilly B & Grammy
 3. Red Wings Stadium - Rylynn C
 4. Peeps in Space - Samantha F

 5. Peep AMC Theater - Giuliana P
 6. Adele: Live in Concert - GS Troop 60392
 7. Glitter City Sleepaway - GS Troop 60812
 8. Peep-man - Conway Kids

​ 9. Peep-er Pan on Broadway - GS Troop 60676

10. Life size MineCraft "Peeper Creeper"- Kelly S

11. Stranger Peeps - Girl Scout Troop 54003
12. A "peep" behind the scenes - Deborah

      MacKay School of Dance
13. Rihanna half time show - Girl Scout troop

14. Buffalo Bills - Mrs. Seroski's Class Spry

       Middle School
15.(tie) Peep Scouts Bridging - Brownie Troop

15.(tie) The Lunchroom - Terese Manfredi Hill
15.(tie) Garden of Peeps - Girl Scout Troop




More 2023 Display Photos Here!

Art & displays featuring Marshmallow PEEPS® candies organized and brought to you by Webster Community Ches​​t.
To see more exhibits made for our 2023 Greater Rochester Marshmallow PEEPS® Art Show
, click on the PEEP Show logo below.


People often wonder how we can have a Fund Raising Show where everyone can bring their family and get in to see everything for free.

Come! It is Free!  And for that you can thank our local businesses that sponsor our Peep Show.  Leading these are our generous
Business Champion donors.  Click on their logos to visit their web sites.

This show is brought to you by 
The Maplewood Nursing Home, Inc. 

and by 
Edward Jones
Richard Marlin Financial Advisor

and by
Waste Management,

and by
Linnea Muller
Real Estate & Mold Assessor,

and by
Juliano Family Dental,

and by Gleason Orthodotics

and by Rivoli Orthodontics

and by The Village at Unity

​​2023 Grand Prize Winner

PEEPS®, the PEEPS® Chick Shape and the PEEPS® Bunny Shape are registered trademarks of Just Born, Inc., Bethlehem, PA, USA, and are used with permission. © 2023

More 2023 Display Photos Here!

To see more 2023 exhibits  click on the PEEP Show logo below.

CANDY GUESSING GAME by our Charity Partner The Father's Heart.  Did you try to guess how many candies were in the 2-gallon jar?  Adam Hill did and won this jar with a guess of 372, which was closest without going over. 

And Thank You to Our Friends!  As they make the awards they have sponsored,

these will appear with the honored displays:

First Place Youth PEEPles Choice.   "Advice from the Coral Reef" by Girl Scout Troop 60617.  ​Winner:  The Linnea Muller Real Estate & Mold Assessor Best Science PEEP Award.  PRIZE - "Dancing with Denise" Dance Party & Mark's Pizzeria Webster Village

Third Place Youth PEEPles Choice. "Red Wings Stadium" by Rylynn C. Winner:  Waste Management Sponsors Choice AwardPRIZE - Color Me Minegift card.

Fifth Place - Adult PEEPles Choice.  "Oh, No! Mold!" by Linnea Muller.  ​Winner:  The Village at Unity  Sponsors' Choice Award.  PRIZE - Brimont Bistro & Catering"Flawless Chocolate Specialty

Cake" gift certificate.

          GRPS is on hiatus. 

  We'll see you again in 2025,

  sorry for any inconvenience.

  Volunteers needed to plan 2025 show.  

Copyright Greater Rochester Peep Show. All rights reserved.

Carl's Pizza Kitchen

Webster Village

Special Thanks to Marshmallow PEEPS® makers Just Born, Inc. for their help with this charity fund-raising show.   Click here to visit them ---> 

1028 Ridge Road,; Webster, NY

You will also see awards & display areas sponsored by our Business Supporters.  Click on their logos to visit their web sites.

Fourth Place Adult PEEPles Choice.  "The Peep Pirate Attack!" by Venture Crew 7, one of our participating non-profit groups.  Please visit them.  ​Winner: 

The Oakwood FinancialAward for Best Hands-On PEEP.  PRIZE - Mark's Pizzeria Webster Village

Third Place Adult PEEPles Choice.  "March of the Peepguins" by Rita Menaldino.  ​Winner:  The Rivoli Orthodontics Sponsors Choice

Award and The Bird House Best

Nature PEEP Award.  PRIZE -

Kittlebergers Florist & Giftsgift card

First Place ​​Adult PEEPles Choice.  "The Village @ Unity" by Lindsay Lown.  ​Winner:  The Gleason OrthodonticsSponsors Choice Award.  PRIZE - Dinner at The Coach Sports Forum & a show at AMC Webster 12 Movie Theater.

Our Top 2023 Peeples Choice Winners by popular vote: