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Display drop off will be Thursday March 23rd from 3 to 7PM. Friday March 24, from 4 to 8 pm. If an appointment for another time is needed, please contact us. If you want your display back it must be picked up after show Sunday March 26, at 4 to 5 pm.

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Want to join in?  Not sure what you will do yet?  Enter your intention here and we will save you a space!

Know what you are going to do and ready to commit?  Register your work here!

Want to join in?  Not sure what you will do yet?  Enter your intention here and we will save you a space!



Sculptures. Dioramas. Wall Hangings. Videos. Art work. and more!

Whatever your imagination suggests.


For examples of displays, click on the show logos on our "Welcome" home page.  This will take you to a myriad of examples of marshmallow art and will give you a lot of ideas.

We don't need no rules!  

Well, there is ONE rule--it has to be made of or with Marshmallow PEEPS® or have a Peep theme. 

No size limitations.  Most works will be displayed on tabletops.  Some will be very small.  Some may be large (2 foot by 2 foot would be considered quite large).  Some may take a whole tabletop (8' round) but we would be surprised to see any of those.  Large free-standing displays/ sculptures will be set on the floor.  So, no, there are no rules on size.

For types of displays, many will be dioramas with Peeps as the figures.  

Others will be sculptures made of Peeps stuck together where the marshmallow is just the raw material.  

Some will be wall hangings creating a painting effect with the pastel marshmallow.  

But it doesn't even have to use actual peeps.  

We have paint, pencil, and crayon art works from our Student Art Contest which have peeps in the pictures.

No limits to what can be done, as long as at least one peep is included or depicted.  

Maybe someone will make a movie again.  We will set up a viewing screen for that.

More info will be sent by email once registered.

Ribbons will awarded for certain themed categories like Best Movie, TV Show, Animal, Literary, Sci-Fi, Music, Sports, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Famous Person, Nature and Holiday to name a few. Best of Show ribbons and prizes will be awarded on Sunday and listed here on our website.

​                                                   GOOD LUCK!