Girl Scout Troop 60153 - C.C.Peep

Webster Baptist Church - Peeps Plarning Mats for a Mission

 Click Here to see a 3-minute   video of the 2019 Show 

 featuring the Rochester 

 Academy of Irish Dance

The Father's Heart Mission - Undersea Peep Castle (with face painting in foreground)

Webster Public Library - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Town of Webster, Karen Buck - Webster's Hoppin'

Town Board & Peep Squad

Heritage Christian Services - Jurassic Peepdom

Girl Scout Troop 63438 - Magic Carpeep Ride

Lori Hasek - Fenway Park All Star Peeps

Isabella Ponce,Carmen Ponce,Addie Canning - Aèropeepstale Dress

YMCA Camp Bay View - Camp Bay View is the place to be!

Baytowne Liquor - Peep Basket (donated & gvien as a Peeples Choice prize)

Carol Arieno - OASIS Tappers

Mary Grenier - Chess Peeps

Heritage Christian Services, Rachel Palmesano - Heritage Hero race/walk

2019 Displays 

Jackie Acao - The Masked Singer

Girl Scout Troop 60285 Totiakton - Peepstol Mountain

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  2017 Photos

  (no show in 2016)

  2015 Photos

Venture Crew 7 - Peepwood Derby


(Top to Bottom) Rochester Academy of Irish Dance, Bay View YMCA Karate, Civil Air Patrol 

Peeps on Wheels interactive cars, trucks, & trains play exhibit

Isabella Ponce,Carmen Ponce,Addie Canning - The Metapeep

Steve Reynolds - Peeps On Fire

Never Say Never Foundation

Robert Grenier - Marilyn among the Peeps T-Shirt


Shaeleigh M - Shaeleigh’s Fairytale World of Peeps

Girl Scout Troop 60311 - Candy Forest

Girl Scout Troop 60250 - Sugar Rush Water Park

Webster Baptist Church -  Sunday School 

Friends of Webster Public Library Peeple Needed Come Join Us (A Mcsain)

  Thank you to Our Table Sponsors

  Cherie Thomas / Mary Kaye 

  Rampe Construction
  Three's Company
  Woodland Silkscreen & Embroidery
  Gail M. Boorum / Mary Kay
  David Kalin
  Mary Ellen McDowell & Family

Pieters Family Life Center - Drum Circle

Bella's Bumbas (A Mcsain)


Sponsored by Landis Logistics - Graham Cracker House craft, Face Painting, Tattoos, Coloring, "Peeps on Wheels", "Undersea Peep Castle" 

Wendy Kirchmaier - How the Peep stole Christmas!

Allison & Jay Jay H - Peeptastic Gymnastics

Penfield Point Dayhab - Peepview Point 

Pieters Family Life Center - Wellness Wednesday Volley

Aimee Robare - Hairspray ... You Cant Stop The Beat (A Mcsain)

Heritage Christian Services Rodwell Lodge - A Star Is Born

Genesee Valley Physical Therapy Moving with my Peeps (V Elder & A Mcsain)

Girl Scout Troop 60672 - Chicks on Ice ( V Elder)

Bonnie Reynolds - Lord of the Peeps

Hegedorn's Cake                                  Val's Cookie Tray          Genesee Valley Physical         Doris Britt Peep Art

Roberta DiLella                                       Patti Cataldi                   Therapy Fitness Tank Tops         Nancy Chemal 
                                                                                                     Purple   Missy Rosenberry
Bella's Bumbas Baby Booster Seat   Kathy Morton                        Coral     Nicholas Holt

                                                                                                     Green   Alivia Scheible

Webster Grange - Whats Happening Today at the Grange


Also, Martial Arts America - Webster & DK Dance Studio

Webster Community Chest

Rochester Academy of Science - Jurassic Peep

Bonnie Reynolds - Peep Flamingo

Girl Scout Troop 60420 - Peeps Go Ice Fishing (A Mcsain)

Peep Basket by Nancy Steele    Mega Stuffed Peep             Kittlebergers Vera Bradley     Webster Fire Dept 

Lisa Wagner                                 Cheryl Chatelle                    Bag             Rachel Burke           Basket  David Campisi