​"Kindergarten Peeps"

by Miss Sarah Hin's Class

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​"Peepland Grocery and Cafe"

by Girl Scout Troop 63184.   

This is a video, so click on the image at left to see it on YouTube.  

Due to social distancing, Peepland Grocery and Cafe was made by one girl from the Troop.  She used various craft materials that she had in the house.  Screenplay and video was created by the Girl Scout!

​“Peeperoni Factory”

by  Anna Oaie, Ellie Meyer, Rose Vitti, Allison Guerrara, J. Turner.  Class 6S.

When eating a peeperoni pizza, did you ever wonder how peeperoni is made?  Now it is revealed.

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​"Movie Peeper"

by Grade 5 -5K

​"Peep Breeze SJS"

by Fourth Grade,  4B

​"Fun Time"

by Ms. Hanna's Grade 3 class

"Peep Olympics"

by Mrs. Evans' 4E class

​"Peep Derby"

by Mrs. Tischer's Grade 5

​“The Discovery of Peepankhamun's Tomb”

by  Martha Schickler's Sixth Grade Class

​"Mrs. Cody's Physical Education Class"

by Spencer, Third Grade

​“Girl Scout Garden”

by Cadette Girl Scout Troop 60854.  
A bountiful garden made by Cadette Girl Scouts to celebrate the beauty of Spring, the nourishment of home grown food and hope for the future! As long as we are willing to grow,   opportunities bloom for us everywhere! (2015 reprise)

​"1st Grade Yoga"

by Mrs. Breyer's First Grade

​"The Peep Pool"

by Miss Crowney's First Grade Class

Display Area 

​"Peep Feud"

by Grade 6 - 6S

​"Skateboard Revolution"

by the Second Grade Classes of Lea Dancy & Anna Antonik.  Authored & Illustrated by Elise Niles

​"Come Hang Out at the Beach with Us"

by Mrs. Memmel's Kindergarten class

Girl Scout Display Area 

​"Kindergarten Grand Peep"

by Natalie Parrotta's class

​"St. Joseph's Garden"

by the Pre-Kindergarten children in the rooms of Jane Wagner, Mary Beth LaDuca, Marietta Carini, Maureen Smith, & Ellen Wurz.

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​“The Office” Peep Show

by Troop 60867 Cadettes Spry / Willink.