Virtual Peep Show

At left, you see the house made from graham cracker squares. 

We like working with a foundation, which is a double cracker as it comes out of the package.

Use three squares for walls. (leave one side open for the Peeps.) We recommend one square for a ceiling (not done in this example) and two for the roof.

Make Royal icing: To 1 beaten egg white gradually mix in 1 cup confectioners sugar, beating at high speed until thick. 

Put in zip lock bag & cut one corner to make a small hole out which the frosting can be squeezed onto the cracker edges.  Put edges together--they should stick.

<--- Click the photo to view a 3-minute video demonstrating how to make graham cracker houses, step by step!

Download this 6" X 4" png file of a scene at last years PEEP Show.                Put it over a digital picture                There! A photo of your child at the PEEP Show, which can

The cut- out is transparent.                                                                                      of your child, rsizing to fit.                  printed or put on your smart phone.

The Rochester Presbyterian Home where Elders are cared for as family is one of our benefiting charities. 

                                                                                                                                     Click on the logo to visit their website!


Last year, our volunteer Emily Rivera and her children Gabe and Sophie led a craft project making hundreds of graham cracker houses for Peeps.  Here she explains how this is done so you can do it at home.  

Shotokan Karate at Bayview YMCA Video.  Click on image above to see the film.  Come to our 2021 show to see them in person again.
Bay View Karate is a family-oriented school of traditional Shotokan, featuring low stances with strong blocks, punches, and kicks. Classes stress the defensive nature of this martial art. Training combines mental and physical challenges that require self-disciplined effort. Respect for others is an integral element of the program.
Lessons are ongoing and offered year-round for all ages. Students gradually progress in skill level while improving coordination, patience, and confidence. Dedicated individuals can advance from beginner through black belt ranks.
Basic Martial Arts Defenses is an ongoing, introductory level training that explores personal safety for teens and adults.

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YMCA After School children's group video.  Click on image above to see the film.


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Rochester Academy of Irish Dance

video.  Click on image above to see

the film.  Come to our 2021 show to see

them in person again.  The Rochester

Academy of Irish Dance is Rochester's

premier Irish dance school. RAID is

dedicated to training dancers of all ages from beginner to open champion in traditional and contemporary forms of Irish dance. Click on their logo above to visit their website.

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The coloring page and the maze can be downloaded as jpg images (right click, "save picture as") and used in Paint or other image apps on your computer.  You can also download these as PDFs and print them for coloring.

(Our thanks to Random House for letting us use these pages developed for promoting their Peeps book sets.)

TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR CHILD AT THE PEEP SHOW by Rochester Presbyterian Home.